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IMG Media TV 采用LU 60作为网络内容提供商

  作为采用蜂窝技术的视频传输领航者,LiveU宣布与IMG Media TV和网络内容提供商合作,采用LiveU旗舰产品LU-60为全世界的高尔夫爱好者提供实时直播。


  助理监制 David Salmon说:“LiveU背包技术提供了稳定而高质量的视频传输,跟传统直播方式相比大大降低了成本。现在每天都在线视频点击量一直在大幅攀升,视频质量也大大加强,这就表明了LiveU对这个媒体平台来说有多么重要,我们很高兴和这项直播技术合作,使我们工作更有效率。”


  LiveU的营销副总裁Ronen Artman说:“视频传输的格局正在迅速改变,对供需双方都在改变。LiveU实现了这种改变,迎合了这个不断发展的市场。我们可以从车辆,拥挤的体育馆等地方实时回传信号,这对于体育赛事的报道是十分重要的。我们也十分荣幸能和IMG Media进行合作。”

 LiveU, the pioneer of portable video-over-cellular solutions, has announced that Golfing World, an IMG Media TV and online content provider, is using LiveU’s flagship LU60 live video transmission solution to enhance its streaming output for golf fans around the world.
In addition to its five-days-per-week TV magazine show, Golfing World recently revamped and re-launched its online proposition. A daily, ten-minute magazine show is produced and streamed around the world.
David Salmon, Assistant Producer, said, “LiveU’s cellular backpack technology provides the ability to access events effectively and in good video quality without the substantial costs associated with traditional methods. You only have to look at the growth of online video – and the increase in quality – to see how important it is to service that medium. We’re happy with this live video technology, the way it works and the service provided.”
LiveU’s LU60 backpack is being deployed to bring the wider world of golf to screens globally using aggregated wireless networks for content acquisition. This includes player interviews, coverage of golf master classes and demonstrations of new technologies from manufacturers. Golfing World is taking advantage of the technology’s roaming capabilities, allowing easy international reach.
Ronen Artman, LiveU’s VP Marketing, said, “The world of video is rapidly changing, both in terms of acquisition and consumer access. LiveU’s technology is servicing this and other evolving markets by allowing the capture of events that would otherwise remain out of reach.  Our ability to transmit resilient HD video from a wide variety of outdoor scenarios, such as airplanes, crowded stadiums and moving vehicles, is particularly valuable for sports coverage and we’re excited by IMG’s adoption of LiveU technology.”